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Navigating you Towards Reaching your Financial Horizon 

Kucharski Financial Services is committed to providing each and every client with the best financial advice available in the marketplace today. Our goal is to achieve this through our commitment to ongoing education and the association with some of the finer organizations and professionals in the industry.

As an independent advisor, I have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest of my clients. Each decision is made with your best interest and specific conditions in mind. My client base is limited by choice, ensuring that you will receive the unique and personalized attention you deserve. I will work with you to understand your needs, define your goals, and develop a plan that suits your personality and individual investment style.

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At Kucharski Financial Services, we recognize that your time is a commodity. For your convenience you may schedule an initial phone meeting right now. If none of your preferred time slots work for your schedule. Give us a call @ 908-782-7200.

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Retirement Service

It’s no secret — American workers are delaying retirement because they haven’t saved enough over the years. We’re committed to delivering unbiased, quality retirement solutions, paired with exceptional service to ensure plans run smoothly.  We’ll help you start a 401(k) plan, or switch a current retirement plan to KFS Core Managed Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios. Our risk-optimized investment strategies are designed with you in mind.  We also offer specialized strategies for those who target objectives such as income or hedging the market.

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401k Services

Planning your retirement can be a complex and laborious task.  But as the saying goes, people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. We partner with a low-cost TPA (Plan Administer) and over 30 great investment firms. To make sure you are receiving the lowest cost, highest quality employer plan on the market.   As a small business employer like yourself, I understand you have many other things are on your plate. Let us help you do the heavy lifting and get started with your plan today. 

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Tax Preparation Services

Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. We help ensure that all of your professionals are working together to help achieve your unique set of goals. We partner with a CPA to make sure you get the most optimized tax return possible. Whatever your circumstances may be, we are here to give you the best advice to help you get through life's challenges. Your tax preparation interview can be done in-person, by mail, or e-mail - which ever is most convenient for you. 

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Retire by Design, Not by Chance

Just by submitting some key financial information. We can guide you on a stable path to retirement or keep you on target while currently in retirement. Although you cannot eliminate all risks in retirement planning. We strive to educate ourselves on the latest investment opportunities and help you best plan for a safe and secure retirement

Let Us Guide you to Retirement

Allow us to Stress Test your Portfolio against many different situations.

With the use of sophisticated technology, we can help you see what your true risk of your current investments are and help you lower that risk. While also looking at potential future events and how your current portfolio would withstand these events. Just by entering your holdings from your current accounts with simple account aggeration software and  completing a risk tolerance questionnaire. We can help guide you by giving you a realitistic view of the risk you are currently taking and what we recommend to lower your risk.

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Ryan Piesla

Ryan Piesla

Investment Representative and Marketing Director



Mike Tekin

Mike Tekin

Financial Advisor



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