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  • BASIC NEEDS: Analysis of your spending on housing, food, clothing, savings, etc.. with a comparison of your spending habits to national averages. For a comprehensive budget, click here.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Specific ideas on how you can protect yourself and your family from future uncertainties while helping keep cost to a minimum.
  • EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: A realistic plan for funding your children's education. We sort out the complexities and identify the best methods for meeting your goals.
  • RETIREMENT PLANNING: Preparing for retirement given the inadequacy (for most of us) and uncertainty of Social Security Benefits can be troubling. A comfortable retirement is an important goal; Personal Financial Planning will help guide you on how you may achieve it.
  • INCOME TAX STRATEGIES: Individual advice on safe, tax-oriented strategies to help you keep more of what you earn.
  • INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT:* Investments are probably the most confusing area of all. We show you how to achieve a diversified portfolio tailored to your age and size of your portfolio while maintaining the delicate balance between risk and return. For more details on our investment process 
  • ESTATE PLANNING: Assurance that the wealth you accumulate goes where you want it to go. We discuss the necessity for updated wills, power of attorney, medical directive, trusts and offer strategies for reducing estate taxes.